Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Economic gourds!

When I was born, the 1 paisa was already demonetized (rounded off\decoinized). My life started when 5 paisa was still legal. I have all of these coins in the pic. In addition, have few annas as well.
Both of my grandfathers used to say "ettanna" (eight anna) and "naalanna" (four anna). Apparently, my first pocket money was nalanna given by my dad for a bubble gum (big fun with cricket scores wrapped over it) during my first standard.
Machaan when pronounced in tamil means brother of wife (brother-in-law). This is the relationship version. There is this farming version as well; whereby people have support sticks mostly of bamboo grounded for the vines to spread easily. In short multi-layer farming. Dad was good at both the versions. We used to get more than 10 gourds daily during seasons (mostly we harvest during December and January). Neighbors were bored of gourds and so my task was to give some of the gourds to a shopkeeper in exchange of some money. Mom used to give me some coins from what I get. Those were usually nalanna or ettanna. Those were my first economic lessons as well.
Yesterday, was checking the price of snake gourds in nearby vegetable shop. Per kg cost around Rs25/-. That is 100 naalanna!
Tomorrow is the budget day for India... Have to start growing gourds!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The story of ONODA

I deliberately want to keep this simple with bullet points. This person Onoda as my friend describes is having inhuman characteristics.

1. Onoda was a Japanese army officer fought in world war II.
2. He was sent to Lubang Island in Philipines to carry out a military operation.
3. He joined a group of japanese soldiers who were sent earlier.
4. Egotism hit as some officers in the group prevented him from doing his assignment.
5. US and Philippine forces took the island into their custody in February, 1945.
6. All soldiers except four (Onoda and three others) either died or surrendered.
7. Onoda continued to live in the mountains.
8. He doubted leaflets which are thrown announcing the end of the war and decided they are hoax.
9. One of the four, walked away from them in 1949 and surrendered to the filipino forces. Rest all became more careful.
10. In 1952, letters and family pictures were dropped from air crafts but they concluded them as hoax.
11. In 1954, one of them gets killed by the search party looking for them.
12. This leaves two of them, who continues to believe that the war is not over.
13. They live for almost 18 years as holdouts.
14. In 1972, one of them gets killed leaving behind Onoda.
15. In February 1974, Onoda met a Japanese college dropout, Norio Suzuki, who was traveling the world and was looking for him.
16. Onoda and Suzuki become friends but Onoda still refused to surrender saying that he was waiting for orders from a superior officer.
17. Suzuki flies to Japan, explains the curious case of Onoda, gets the order from Onoda's superior who is a bookseller.
18. In March 1974, Suzuki flew to Philipines with the order and meets Onoda. Onoda emerges from Jungle after 29 years.
19. Onoda surrenders in uniform with a rifle still in working condition.
20. And you know what he was not the ultimate soldier... there was one more left Teruo Nakamura.

To know more about him, read his auto-biography "No Surrender: My Thirty-Year War".

And friends we say we are brave, loyal, and patriotic! and there is Onoda.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Organizations and labels

Today morning I was conversing with my roomie. He told about the infosys HR guy who killed his wife. I am seeing such news often. Though, the reason for this cause-célèbre is very personal, the reports about it attach the organization for which the person is working for.
Job has become an identity in our society and is an indispensable aspect in the perception about a personality. Today, I googled "wife murder" and below are the results I got.

Another article that I read yesterday brags IT employees' friday groove. In 1980s, during my childhood days, there was a guy in my neighborhood who was working as a teacher in a state government school. He was skilled in hindi and music. He used to run private hindi and music classes and was very popular in our area. We used to call him "Hindi Sir". His mainstream job was never part of the label attached to him. We know him as a person who runs hindi tuition. I believe he did that with passion, got famous and hence earned the label.
Situation now has changed. I have seen legion of IT personnels who are trekkers, musicians, bloggers, movie buffs and other streams which they are very passionate about.  In spite of that, labels of organization are attached to them once they are part of public news. The news about the friday groove is an example of that. Same is the scenario even if they get recognized because of such private activities.
You are the identities to yourself, created by your inner world. But, these are the samples of what organization (in which you are part of) can do to you. They attach the popular label through which outside world like to address you. And alike every path this notion also has at least two directions. The organizations should also be aware of the fact that the employees are very indispensable part. They can make or break things.
I pity the infosys guy who killed his wife. Poor planning! may be Infosys' way of doing things.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rupee symbol

Foradian Technologies have released the new font which has the rupee symbol with the " ~\' " key.

Here is a screenshot!

The symbol looks great!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Lampard denied goal (in the match England Vs Germany) is creating ripples. We have also started arguing the moral boost that England missed because of the denial. England certainly started feeling the need for speed after they were two goals down. They started their attack and the best part of the game was those 25 odd minutes when suddenly England started to pull things back. But, Lampard's strike was denied and his face reflected the sorry figure of the entire hope.

I always loved how our director puts his words.
What defines a person is not what the person can, or cannot do. What defines a person is what the person can do, but chooses not to do.
I heed on the views of decision makers. So, I wanted to know how FIFA president reacted for the refereeing mistakes. His words as I felt are very sharp deeply reflecting on the subject.
I deplore the obvious refereeing mistakes we have seen. I understand the teams concerned are unhappy. I have personally said ‘I apologise for what happened’ to  England. I understand the media criticism, it is their right and job to do so. Still, it’s not the end of the competition, it’s not the end of football. With the denial of the use of technology, we have to accept mistakes.
As FIFA, we need to protect refereeing. We have the responsibility to take the adequate measures to avoid such situations happening again. However, I cannot accept that the integrity of the competition and the referees is called into question.
Its how decisions taken needs to be justified and defended. Future actions should be postponed till a milestone is reached, accept the criticism till then, get those (c)rude oils they can be the fuel in future.

He could have directly argued against criticisms that 'mistakes can happen'. But he didn't do that and that marks his stature. He rather endowed his thoughts stating the integrity of the game. Thats how he should think. FIFA might have got the refereeing decisions wrong but has got a right president.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The fever is on

I am fond of football and Italy is my favorite team. I remember the days when I watched Salvatore Schillaci and  Roberto Baggio. Baggio was my favourite italian player in my school days. And he is my favourite till date. I remember my class twelfth supplementary reader book covered with the sportstar wrapper featuring Baggio. I watched the penalty shootout which he missed in 1994. I loved his Goatee a lot. Those were my early football days. I used to collect the cards given with bubble gums. And we used to trade for getting cards of the famous players. Diego Maradona card was one of the rarest!! We loved him really.

This year I am betting on the following players.

Lionel Messi - for his left footed tackling.
Steven Gerrard - cho chweet... so cute..
Fabio Cannavaro - for his water tight defense.
Fernando Torres - for his speed
Gianluigi Buffon - Goal keeper! He keeps them all his way!!
David Villa - if it is a striker then he will be my man. (Somehow he gets my attention with the name 'David Villa' resembling thalaivar's 'David Billa')
Thierry Henry - His experience should count at some stage of the tournament.

Ballack, Zlatan, Luca Toni and Oliver Kahn...

Friday, May 21, 2010

The public peek

Having read this, I have some questions.

  • How the hell the US scientists and so called Prof. J Alex Halderman was given access right to the voting machine?
  • What are they trying to prove especially by tampering the Indian voting machine?
  • What Deputy Election Commissioner, Alok Shukla is trying to defend especially the hack has been announced in public?
  • Shouldn't it be considered cross border terrorism?

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